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Submit Worksheets

Follow these instructions to submit your weekly worksheet:

  1. Open the Worksheet
  2. Download the worksheet to your computer or phone, and enable editing if needed
  3. Complete worksheet and add your hours as needed, totals will automatically appear in the proper row or column
    if you make a mistake on the worksheet that you can't fix, simply re-download the worksheet and start over
  4. Save your document using your full name and the week ending date (Saturday's date) in the document title
  5. Attach it to an email to

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Apprentice Class Information and Schedule 2020/2021

All classes held at 230 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue PA 15202 unless otherwise noted. Entrance is at the back door on the Brighton Road side.

Classes must be attended by all apprentices and will begin promptly at 7:00 A.M.

Hand tools are required.

Absences and tardiness will not be tolerated.

Please obey all parking restrictions.

First Year

Tuesdays 7a-3:30p 7-7-2020 7-14-2020 7-21-2020 7-28-2020
Wednesdays 7a-3:30p 7-8-2020 7-15-2020 7-22-2020 7-29-2020
Tuesdays 7a-3:30p 8-4-2020 8-11-2020
Wednesdays 7a-3:30p 8-5-2020 8-12-2020
Tuesdays 7a-3:30p 8-18-2020 8-25-2020
Wednesdays 7a-3:30p 8-19-2020 8-26-2020
ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment and
Anti-Harassment in Apprenticeship (EEOC)
Tuesday 7a-3:30p 9-1-2020
Wednesday 7a-3:30p 9-2-2020
Financial Literacy & Start Roofers Math
Tuesday 7a-3:30p 9-8-2020
Wednesday 7a-3:30p 9-9-2020
First Aid/CPR & Finish Roofers Math
Tuesday 7a-3:30p 9-15-2020
Wednesday 7a-3:30p 9-16-2020
Tuesday 7a-3:30p 9-22-2020
Wednesday 7a-3:30p 9-23-2020
Single Ply Roofing
Tuesdays 7a-3:30p 9-29-2020 10-6-2020
Wednesdays 7a-3:30p 9-30-2020 10-7-2020
Built Up Roofing
Tuesdays 7a-3:30p 10-13-2020 10-20-2020
Wednesdays 7a-3:30p 10-14-2020 10-21-2020
Practical/Hands On
Tuesday 7a-3:30p 10-27-2020
Wednesday 7a-3:30p 10-28-2020-2020

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Second Year

Training class schedule TBA.

Third Year

Training class schedule TBA.

Fourth Year

Training class schedule TBA.

CERTA Training TBA

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No regular Union meetings are currently scheduled, members will be notified via mail.

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